Fascism is nothing else but capitalist reaction

Leon Trotsky (via itwillgetworse)

A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Short Thoughts.

If two close people do destructive things, it’s not usually in spite of each other. Must point the finger at self instead of other person. Pain is necessary to grow and if you reject it/blame the other person you don’t grow. You sit in a delusion. It is about connecting. Love. You must understand your thought processes before beginning to understand others thought processes in relation to yours. Critical thinking. When people fail to do this they dig an egocentric hole of self pity. We’ve all been there but not all of us grow out of it. When you develop critical thinking you begin to grow from others adversity. You are not vicariously traumatized by others struggle. You have embraced your own troubles, and rationalized them. You are ready to give support and empathy to these people, you have pried open the third eye. The light illuminates from you even in the darkest of places. You tap into unconditional love, the thing that connects us as as species of animal.

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